Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Days in Singapore - Part 2

Now continue to share my picture taken from Singapore..
Went to Botanic Garden in Singapore..
I was such a big area..
In the hustle-bustle city, never thought of having such a garden over there..
And you can see families and teen picnic over there..
Yeah.. Teens.. And I thought they would just shopping in Singapore.. =)

Main entrance of the Botanic Garden



Botanic Garden sure with flowers.. =)


I like this picture.. But will love it more if din't blur..
The wind was strong and was shaking the branches..

Swan's Paradise

I like the environment..

Black and white comparison.. Which's better?

Next stop : Orchard Road..
Passed through TangLin Mall

ION Orchard

Big Christmas Tree infront of ION Orchard

Inside the Christmas tree.. Yes.. Inside.. =)

Some other decor..

Last picture.. XD

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